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Welcome to Mission Direct.

Mission Direct enables people like you to make a practical and lasting difference to the lives of the world’s poorest people. You do it on a two week overseas trip where you will help to build or decorate a house, classroom or clinic.

Is this for you? Everyone over seven years and well enough to travel are welcome to join us, our oldest volunteer so far is 88!

People’s lives will be changed forever. Yours will be one of them. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Discover more…


Mission Direct are moving to Hitchin!

We moved out of our St Albans office on 27 November and will be moving into our new offices once a new roof has been fitted, probably mid-February.

During this time it will be business as usual and hopefully the transition will be seamless.

Just so that you are aware, we will be working from our various homes until we move into our Hitchin office. Our main phone number will still be 01582 720 056 but we will be working via mobile phones.

We will still be receiving our post that is sent to St Albans, but please remember to mark that it is for Mission Direct.

We do ask for your patience and prayers during this time.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on my email

Many thanks,

Alan McCormick

Chief Executive

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