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Uganda – Rukungiri

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Come and build a proper school for the region’s disabled children. Show these kids what they are really worth.

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The Project for 2017

14054570_10154468205559772_759737625223214433_oBeing born with a disability in Uganda means life as a second class citizen. Children are often shunned or marginalised by their families and so don’t get the interventions they need to access society. 14642459_1814872538748124_5624033451419034652_n

Next year, we will be working alongside the Chilli Children Trust to help build a physiotherapy room for the disabled children of the district. The foundations are laid, it just needs YOU to help us build the rest.

This much needed space will help the trust to support many more children with disabilities.

By the end of the year we are hoping that our teams will have completed the physiotherapy room so that Evas and the Chilli Children Project can assess and deliver specific physiotherapy and medical interventions to help the disabled children of Rukungiri district.


Every afternoon, each team will visit local projects that are making a big difference – lending a hand or just making friends. Among the highlights:

  • Visit an income-generating chilli programme
  • Interact with children at a life skills clinics0142303
  • Learn to communicate with children with hearing impairment and run some activities
  • Build a drying rack for a family to keep their cutlery and crockery off he floor
  • Help teach crafts at the Mothers Union training centre
  • Be a ray of light in the lives of orphaned children. “Make a lifetime’s worth of friends and enjoy a lifetime’s worth of hugs!”

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